Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

Free antigen design for customized application-specific polyclonal antibody.

We provide customized services for producing application-specific polyclonal antibodies used in your research. Leverage our years of experiences in polyclonal antibody production: from antigen design, immunogen preparation, antibody development, antibody purification, modification, validation, to immunoassay development.


  • Free Antigen Design – Based on experience, data, and characteristics of your desired target.

  • Wider Choice of Host Animals – Choose from SPF (specific-pathogen-free) host animals, including rabbit, mouse, rat, and guinea pig.
  • High Specificity – Antibodies are purified by Protein A and antigen affinity chromatography. When needed, ABclonal can provide cross-purification to obtain a more specific antibody.
  • Guaranteed Result – 1 ng of protein antigen or 100 ng of peptide antigen is detected when the antibody is diluted at 1:1000.

Polyclonal Antibody Production Process

Antigen Design

We immunize rabbits, mice, rats, and guinea pigs to generate custom polyclonal antibodies against peptide antigens and protein antigens. Both peptide and protein antigens can be provided by you or prepared by us.

If you decide to provide your own recombinant protein antigen
More than 4 mg of protein antigen with purity above 80% and concentration above 1 mg/ml (immunization requires 3 mg and antigen affinity purification requires more than 4 mg of antigen); protein SDS-PAGE electrophoresis map.
If you want us to prepare a recombinant protein antigen
Target gene sequence and plasmid templates (more than 20 µl at 100 ng/µl concentration). We can also synthesize the gene if templates are not available; constructed expression plasmid or expressed bacteriophage (expression conditions and protein SDS-PAGE electrophoresis map).
If you decide to provide your own peptide antigen
More than 10 mg of peptide antigen with purity above 85% (immunization requires 4 mg and antigen affinity purification requires more than 6 mg of antigen);HPLC and MS report.
If you want us to prepare a peptide antigen
Target gene sequence.
If there is an insufficient amount of antigen, Protein A or Protein G will be used to purify the antiserum.

Immunization Schedule

ABclonal's standard protocol for polyclonal antibody is optimized to produce antiserum in the shortest possible time. It is the most affordable option and a popular choice among researchers.

The protocol uses two New Zealand White rabbits that are specific-pathogen-free. Injections are subcutaneous (SQ) as emulsions in Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA) or Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant (IFA). We guarantee that the same antigen will be injected into both animals.

Procedure Protocol Day Description
Control Serum Collection Day 0 Pre-immune bleed (1 mL per rabbit)
Primary Injection Day 1 Immunize with 0.50 mg of antigen in CFA, 10 SQ sites
1st Booster Day 14 Boost with 0.25 mg of antigen in IFA, 4 SQ sites
2nd Booster Day 28 Boost with 0.25 mg of antigen in IFA, 4 SQ sites
Serum Collection Day 35 Bleed (-25 mL per rabbit)
3rd Booster Day 42 Boost with 0.25 mg of antigen in IFA, 4 SQ sites
Serum Collection Day 56, 58 Two bleeds (total of -50 mL per rabbit)
ELISA Test Day 60 ELISA titration (results available online) Verify disposition of rabbits Decide to continue or terminate
Purification Optional 6-10 mg of purified antibodies
Note: After Day 35, the scheduled days in this protocol are approximations and are dependent on the titer test.


High-quality scientific research papers have been successfully published in well-known journals regarding ABclonal antibodies.